No Sew Glitter Heart Mobile

One of my favourite things about glitter fabric is the fact that the edges don't fray when it has been cut. This makes the fabric really easy and super versatile to work with. Check out this really simple yet effective project i knocked out yesterday while i was playing with some scraps. Read on to see how to make your own.
Heart Mobile
What you will need:
Fine glitter fabric & chunky glitter fabric fabric off cuts
Sharp scissors
  1. Start off by cutting some heart shapes out of off cuts of glitter fabric. I sorted mine into complimentary colours and chose ribbons to match. 
  2. Next i sorted the hearts into pairs with the ribbon between to plan out which colours where going to be faced together
  3. Then place the ribbon between the two hearts, so that the glitter is facing outwards & glue them together, sandwiching the ribbon in position. Be sure to leave a long enough length of spare ribbon free above the first heart, so that you can tie the mobile onto your desired spot. 
  4. Snip the remaining ribbon off from underneath the last heart. Hang it up and enjoy watching it twist and turn, catching the the light with all of it's glitter goodness! 

How amazing would this simple project look if you made a whole curtain of glitter hearts? Make it your own & set the hearts at alternate heights, use bright clashing colours, muted subtle hues, hang it in the nursery, in your garden or use it for party decorations!