Customer Focus: HAT ATELIER

We are very nosy here at Glitter Fabric World so we L O V E to see what all of our customers have been creating with our sparkle parcels! We encourage everyone to send us pictures of their crafty creations as it is fascinating to see customers using their creative skills and imagination, to turn our products into something unique. Our customers range from hobbyists to businesses, making bows to backdrops... so we have a diverse range of talents within our extensive customer base. Because we enjoy seeing the end product as much as we enjoy manufacturing the fabric ranges, we thought you may too. So why not share some of our customers work with you?

This month we’d like to shine a light on our Australian friends at HAT ATELIER. The founder Rebecca Share, who has more than 25 years hat making experience, launched the online millinery school last year at which provides a hub of millinery inspiration, information and courses from a professional team of talented designers and makers.

Butterflies using our sequin film.


We are particularly excited by the course entitled Iridescent Trims. Here you will learn from award winning milliner Lynnette Lim, via step by step online video lessons and printable PDF patterns, in the comfort of your own home at your desired pace. During this course Lynnette predominately works with our sequin film, sharing her knowledge, techniques and secrets gained from years perfecting her technique. The course showcases the sequin films malleability, focusing on how to emboss, cut and fold the film to assemble striking embellishments.

Starburst embellishments using sequin film       Orchid headpiece made from sequin film

'Learn to emboss and assemble orchids, poppies, starbursts and butterflies. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Milliner, discover new possibilities to add some sparkle to your bespoke millinery creations’.

Sequin film is the plastic which sequins are punched from. It is very malleable & easy to cut with strong sharp scissors. We sell a variety of colours and finishes across 2 types of films; standard PVC polyester sequin film and PET sequin films which are PVC free and ideal for laser cutting. They measure 83mm wide and are wound into a manageable 3 metre roll, with a little bit extra on the end. To see our full collection of films available follow this link: Shop Sequin Film


Matte Silver Sequin Film

Hologram Turquoise Sequin FilmHologram Royal Blue Sequin Film

 As you can see, the designs created from the film at HAT ATELIER are truly unique show stoppers! If you are interested in learning some contemporary millinery skills, click here to see the full course details: Iridescent Trims 

If you would like us to feature your work using our glitter fabrics or sequin films, please get in touch here: Contact Us, we would love to share your story!